The first order of business is purchasing a lot. A very custom home design is manufactured for the lot it sits on. Please read EzineArticles online article “Buying a lot to get a Custom làm chuồng cọp sắt Home Designed” for what to consider. A survey will be needed before the custom home design start. If it is an adult property there should be one in the closing documents.

Now there is some home design homework to do even before purchasing a lot. You should know what you desire in the house and what the video footage goal is to know what size the lot has to be.

This homework is the first step in the house design. No matter how talented the designer they are dependent on you for it to be a custom design with communication being the key. So try not to be bashful about providing what you may have accumulated or generated whether it be pictures, notes, spreadsheets or anything else that helps present what you want. Whether you provide a lot of material or none at all though it is the designers responsibility to discuss anything relevant to the project.

The initial design conference meeting(s) will be to completely define your dream home.

The video footage will determine the cost more than anything else and should be the first consideration. How many stories and what exterior style and finish material needs to be defined. Each room should be discussed to determine the size, raised ceilings, flooring or any other features. The first aspect in determining room locations is what view they will have. If there is a sensational backside view only so many rooms can take advantage of then these rooms need to be defined. A stairs if any often has expectations that go with it whether it is the railing, finish or location. If it is known as more of a functional need a location requiring less expense in finishing than the usual foyer might be considered. Will the house most probably concept so your living room, breakfast and kitchen are open to one another. All facets of the kitchen should be defined. Especially when there will be an island and all appliances and their locations. It is often useful to know what the current kitchen cabinet video footage is to ensure equal or greater cabinet video footage. Does there need to be a private desk area off the kitchen for paying bills. Would a book bag, hobby or sports closet with cabinets off the garage be helpful. All features of the utility room including a built-in ironing board need to be considered. If there is a pool does there need to be a pool bath or can the powdered room be located near the backside. Is the master bath to be more functional or luxurious or something in between. How many bathrooms. Will there be a game room, study, hobby room or other rooms not considered settled. Are art niche categories or ledges desired. This is a minimum necessary to begin a design drawing.

If the required research is not this thorough then there is a good chance you will not get your dream home design. No matter how creative it is if it is not what you imagined then it is a failed design. I am not suggesting removing creative freedom only that any expectations have to be disseminated. Make sure the designer is asking all the right questions or make sure you you are not selected them. Alternatively just consider another designer because it is hard to correct a design that heads down the wrong path.

Only when the scope of the design has been completely defined should the design drawing begin. The primary goal should be to fulfill the design criteria in the most space efficient way possible while being creative.

The next meeting will be to review the preliminary design which typically consist of a floor plans without all the construction details, top level and the plot plan showing the house located on the lot.

This is the first time to essentially know if you are for a passing fancy page as your designer. That is why the required research was so critical. Hopefully any revisions will be minimal but most importantly none will cause a compromise to the design. Sometimes even with all the necessary communication the design is still not what was expected. Unfortunately this is often do to the designer a replacement of their preferences. That is another reason to define what is expected. If it was discussed there is no justification that it was never disseminated. Stand your ground even if it means starting the design over.

A designer has a responsibility to a client to tell them if they think they are making a mistake. Once the client knows why you are concerned hopefully they will agree. It is never acceptable to just ignore a clients wishes or substitute your own preferences.

This preliminary design meeting is also the time to discuss in depth details like lighting, cabinet styles and finishes if it is not done. If the revisions are in a way that it would be prudent to review the preliminary again once they are done that has to be the next step. If any revisions are minor then the design is just about to be finished.

The next meeting will be to review the finished pictures. Expect you’ll see floor plans with the electrical outlets and buttons or separate electrical plans, interior elevations (cabinet and other views), exterior elevations, cross sections if necessary (always on two or three story), form plan, roof plan and plot plan. The plans need to fulfill the appropriate codes, ordinances and subdivision constraints where it will be built.

Once any revisions are completed construction sets can be run. And also the foundation and structural should be made.

To review the design process since it might seem daunting or overwhelming, design conference meeting(s), preliminary design meeting, finished design meeting and construction sets. Seems less so hopefully. Primarily it is that there are so many decisions to make. So do yourself a favor and do your homework so you have fewer to make at the same time. Also plan ahead and invite a proper amount of time for the design process. It can vary considerably based on the designer and the market but two months to begin with and preferably 11 weeks. The most stress comes from waiting unless you are ready to proceed to start the process and then being anxious throughout. When someone says “I wish I had considered” it is usually because there was not proper time for discussion or review. Most people anticipate to live in and revel in their dream home for the rest of their lives so commit the small amount of time necessary through the design process to help that happen.