Get the Hardware Right!

The first thing download video bokep need to look at when thinking about downloading music videos to your PSP is the memory capacity. Your PSP should have an inbuilt memory size of 64 Mb, in addition you should also have a 32 Mb memory card which will have been supplied when you purchased it. In addition you should consider, if you haven’t already done so, purchasing a larger capacity memory disk, these range from 1 Gb to 4 Gb.

Compression Software Next

You should also consider the possibility of getting some compression software to work with the PSP so as you can store a lot more music videos. You could look at dbpoweramp to do the compression for you but lets not get into too much detail here about “technicalities”.

The fact is that the more prepared you are from a hardware point of view then the more seamless downloading music videos to your PSP is going to be.

Once you have the PSP “sorted” then it’s time to move on to making sure that your PC is suitably set up to help transfer the music videos.

As a minimum, you’re going to need a DSL Internet connection to enable fast downloads to your PC. Ideally you will have a USB cable to connect directly from the PC to the PSP. At this stage, the PSP should be off.

Once the PC is connected to the PSP, you will need to turn on the PSP. The PC will then recognize the PSP as new hardware. Once this is done you will need to press X this allows the desktop on the PC to recognize this as a volume with no title.

Next, you will need to to access the memory card of the PSP and search for the folder named “PSP”. Within this PSP folder there will be four sub-folders and these are videos, games, saved data and the last one is photos.

You May Need Conversion Software!

The next step is to create a new folder and name it “MP-ROOT”, so you will now have five folders in total. You should then create a sub-folder of MP-Root and name it 100 MNV01, this is a standard file name to ” house” the music video that you wish to download. This step is important as video files are nearly always in MP 4 format and the PSP player only plays MP3 format files this means that the MP 4 files must be converted to play on the PSP player.

This conversion of the DVD files or music video files can be done on the PC before transfer. Once conversion has occurred then it is a relatively simple process to download these videos or any DVD to your PSP.

Is there any easier method?

The simple answer is yes. There are sites on the net which are dedicated to PSP downloads and these are commonly referred to unlimited download sites. One of the major benefits to the reputable sites in this sector is that they provide, or at least as a minimum should provide, software that will enable you to convert any format of any music video so as it can be played on your PSP.

In fact, many of these PSP download sites have extensive tutorials on how to effectively download videos, DVDs, games and music which means that it has been made relatively simple and straightforward for you to download media into your PSP. The additional benefits of these sites is that they have fast download speeds, files are free of viruses, and there is a massive choice of current and older music videos, tunes and even movies.

You may be thinking that these sites are going to cost a small fortune however, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they are usually no more than $35 for a lifetime membership and unbelievably this includes the ability to download an unlimited number of files.

So, if you’re looking to download music videos you should at least check out some of the best and most reputable unlimited download sites available on the market.