Recent research has discovered that there are very specific cells by the body processes that do rejuvenate, repair, restore and replace the cells that die. This happens every second, every minute and every hour of the day. The name for these very specific cells is Adult Originate Cells. These cells have one purpose only and that is to maintain and restore the body. They are the male body’s life! Unfortunately, these cells diminish in amount once a person reaches their 30th birthday. That is when the body starts to age gradually. As these specific cells decline, the skin will seems to lose it quality, elasticity is lost and facial skin starts to wrinkle. The aging face is the first to show the male body’s decline.

Since the lack of adult originate cells causes the body to age, would not the answer to anti-aging be to increase the amount of these special cells becoming more common by the body processes? According to recent research on anti-aging, adult originate cells therapy and adult originate cell nutrition, the answer is yes. Therefore, to achieve a more youthful look, it is important that these special cells be replenished in the body and a model’s skin care routine.

Currently there are two industries doing research on anti-aging and adult originate cells; the cosmetic industry and the science research communities

The cosmetic Ur & D communities continue to seek ways to develop new beauty care products and beauty creams which will be the solution for an anti-aging facial cream. They advertise their products with the promise that endless youth is just around the corner. Next time you see an ad promoting a certain skin care product for girls note how smooth and fresh the models faces look, giving the promise that ‘yes, you too” can have exquisite skin. It’s beautiful advertising and quite effective.

However, these models are usually young and already have naturally smooth skin. So if you are a woman 35 and older, will these cosmetics function as the solution for your anti-aging desires? It all depends. If you choose a treatment that includes the ability to increase your adult originate cells in your skin, then probably yes. But that kind of treatment can be expensive. If the product or treatment does not produce more adult originate cells in your skin, then the answer is no.

On the other hand, the scientific CellXRenewal Review community through its research on adult originate cells has more promising news. Recent research completed by a company that focuses on adult originate cell nutrition, has changed a beauty serum that does increase the adult originate cells in facial skin. They have tested this serum on both ladies and men over the age of 35 and notable results are very positive. Does this mean a product has been found that will reduce facial lines? Yes. And problem the hands of timeā€¦ anti age as we say? Only time can answer that question. However, the treatment is promising.

Is there a serum today that is effective in slowing down the facial aging process?

Yes, in this race to find a facial anti aging solution, there is one product from company that stands above everyone else. DermaStem Rebirth Serum created by Stemtech International Inc.

DermaStem Rebirth Serum is a breakthrough serum that revitalizes the appearance of the skin, restoring and managing its youthful vibrance.

Therefore, if you were interested in reduced facial lines and a younger, fresher, vibrant look, DermaStem Rebirth Serum by Stemtech is a value worth pursuing. More about this fascinating anti-aging solution can be found on my web site below.